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Creatively Speaking

Creatively Speaking

There are many people in life or business that have something unique that they are working on behind the scenes. It’s one of those things that only a certain few know about. This one thing is based on a dream that gave some sleepless nights and even some doubts. But […]

Attitude 1

Attitude: Cause and Effect

We’ve all have heard the saying, “First Impressions Count”. This is a very true statement when it comes to life and in business. In whatever area you move in, there are a number of people, customers, clients, and so on that we come in contact with on a daily basis. […]

Integrity: The Ingredient That Is Needed

We have all been in situations in life or in business where doing the right thing usually paid off. But there may have been times where doing the right thing came with some unnecessary consequences. You even found yourself questioning what you did when the situation happened. This simple thing […]

Character: The Root of It All

Have you ever noticed throughout your daily routine the way you say and do things? After everything was done and said, did you ever wonder where what just happened came from? There really is a simple explanation for this. Simply put, there was a character trait transfer. This character trait […]

Foundation stones

Foundation Stones

Whether it is in life or in business, there have always been foundations set for us and taught to us. These foundations are the building blocks that help each of us to reach our greatest potentials. It can be said that there are two sides to every journey-positive and negative. […]

Anatomy of a Brand

 Anatomy of a Brand Good day great people! Over some weeks past I wrote about the five brand elements that will help your business or company brand identity success. Everything that deals with your brand must work together seamlessly and the overall message must do the same. The “Anatomy of […]

Brand Identity: Elements of Branding(Brand Logo)-Part Seven

Brand Identity: Elements of Branding( Brand Logo)  So far we have knocked out part of the five brand elements that make up your business or company brand. Or should I say our “Brand Fingerprint”.  This will be the final piece in the journey behind your brand identity. Today we will […]