Just Because

Just because image

Just because the dream maybe big, it doesn’t mean it can’t become a reality.

Just because others say you can’t, it just means you can make others eat their words.

Just because life has been a series of disappointments, just means there is always an opportunity for better to happen.

Just because “no” seems the only outcome given, just means there is a “yes” right around the corner waiting for your arrival.

Just because the obstacles seem great, just means there are solutions to overcome them.

Just because you maybe overlooked right now, just means that you are being prepared for the right time and for the right position.

Just because you feel success is only a word, just means in one moment success can be right at your front door.

Just because those who you thought had your back at the beginning and leave, just means there are those who will be there to the very end.

Just because different things happen in life or business, your overall outcome will determined by how one reacts and responds to what is presented.

The simple “Just Because” should help push you more into where you desire to be.

Written by: Bernard J. Williams