For Just A Moment

Good day great people! Well, after a few weeks or so my website had been down due to a technical issue. Even when this happened I wasn’t able to post anything. But just to let you all know, I will posting some things I have worked on. These last few months have just been blowing my mind despite my family’s recent loss of my baby sister this past November. Many would think I would be crying and having my moments, but I can truly tell you from the very beginning God has given me peace with the whole matter. I am continuing to move forward as I keep my sister close to my heart. She will never be forgotten. Anyway, I will continue to do my very best as a graphic designer to keep you guys in the know with what I am designing and how graphic design can help in whatever dream, vision, and goal you may have. So keep your eyes and maybe even your ears near by as Beanieone Designs continues to journey forward.

Love you all.