Creative Block vs. Creative Flow

Creative Block vs. Creative Flow

I don’t know about you but every now and then finding something creative to come up with is not an easy thing. Creatively speaking there are times I feel I have a “creative block”. At other times I have what I like to call a “creative flow”. What’s the difference? A creative block is not being able to either write, design, draw, sell, think, reach, motivate, encourage, etc in a consistent way. This is happening because there may be some things  going on either mentally, physically, or emotionally unaware to you on the inside.

 Creatively I love what I do as a Freelance Graphic Designer. I have to tell you for a few weeks I have been in a creative block for some reason that I can not explain. It has caused  for things not  flowing as they should. What I do know is that there are ideas slowly coming to me on what I can design and write. I know other stuff will come about as I do what shows up in my head. My creative block will not last long. I am determined to flow even better creatively.

What’s this thing called “creative flow”? A creative flow is of course the opposite of a creative block(too obvious). Flowing creatively involves being able to use all the ideas and tools to create something. Sometimes you can get that one or several ideas that will push you more creatively. Whatever pushes you more and more is that very thing called “creative flow”. Creative flow can also be known as your passion. Just think about it.

Please understand that both the creative block and the creative flow usually work hand in hand. It’s kind of an undercover thing that happens. You may not realize it. I think it is that happy accident occurring. Even in our blocked moments is when our minds can be revitalized and inspired to create that next great thing. I believe you can use those blocked moments to go back and look at what you have previously worked on and you may be able to find a new idea or find a way to improve on a previous project And when the creative flow begins to hit, don’t overwhelm yourself but take it all in strides by working on those ideas given a little here and there.

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