Character: The Root of It All

Character than reputationHave you ever noticed throughout your daily routine the way you say and do things? After everything was done and said, did you ever wonder where what just happened came from? There really is a simple explanation for this. Simply put, there was a character trait transfer. This character trait transfer came from your parents or if in business from someone who needed to pass on some business wisdom to maybe the next one to be in charge. Now these character traits are the foundational stones or tools that have helped you become the the person you are today. Now it can be said that there are both good and bad character traits in this mix. Both have helped or hindered in many ways. But right now it is the positive traits we’re talking about here. I know this sounds like I am repeating myself but I have to. Your character traits are a reflection of what has been either learned or taught to us. Whatever the case maybe these traits are in constant work in life and in business. This thing called CHARACTER is very important to your very success in your journey. What is character? Character is defined as the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual. So this simply means that every individual has there own set of unique qualities that make someone different from the next individual. This is why there are character trait conflicts. You are the only “you” that can travel the road of your life. Your business in some shape or form, is also a reflection of your character. So what I am I saying. Whatever your character traits are they will either make or break you and/or your business. Watch what you say and do. “Your brand. Your Identity. Your uniqueness.”