Branding:How I See It

BLOG-BANNERS-1As a freelance graphic designer I am constantly learning a little more and more each day about those certain creative tools that will help me understand why certain companies or businesses are so popular. A lot of this stuff was taught while I was in school for graphic design. But it wasn’t in the greatest length due to the short time of classes. However, the basic information was given. One of those things that the teachers wanted to make sure we understood was Brand Identity and why it was so important to know as a designer. So, over some time I am going to help those  who are in business, have a business, or starting a business, understand why your brand is very important. It really can make or break you. I am going to do my best to keep it simple and to the point. 

Brand Identity: How I see it

Branding for a business, organization, or an individual is like a person’s fingerprint. If you look at a fingerprint real close you will  find that it is compromised of many interlocking lines. Those lines create an identity of an individual that is completely unique. This is what branding or should I say, what  brand identity does for a business. Brand identity helps to distinguish a business from all its competitors. The brand identity really places its mark in the consumers hearts, minds,ears, mouths, and souls. This is why companies like McDonald’s, Nike, KFC, Walmart, and so many more have made their mark with the consumer. Each of  these companies have their own unique brand and each display the different elements of what their brand is.  In very interesting ways what these companies do behind the scenes continues to make their brand identity work effectively. How does a company know it has reached the consumer? One way is by the consumer being a repeat supporter  of  the company brand. Another would be the consumer sharing their experiences about a particular  brand. The list could go on and on, but I think you get the idea. Let me clear something up on brand identity so no one will be confused. Brand identity for a company or business is not just a logo. Brand identity is everything from marketing to the music, to the colors, to the slogan, to costumer service, to business cards, and so on that makes up the total package that will be displayed or known about that business or company. So, remember this. “Your brand. Your identity. Your uniqueness.”