Brand Identity: Elements of Branding(Brand Typography)-Part Six

BLOG-BANNERS-6Brand Identity: Elements of Branding(Brand Typography)

There is an aspect of brand identity that is key to visibility success. The key is typography. Typography is simply the size, weight, and style of the text choices that will be used as part of your brand. Think about it as one of those special outfits in your brand clothing set that is always there and ready to make an appearance. I know, I know, I had to bring the brand closet analogy back in to play. Why is the text of your brand so important? From your business or company’s website to the business card design, how everything is laid out, designed,or created will have an effect on what is being communicated to the consumer/client. The right text choices show good thought behind your brand. The wrong text choices show a lack of thought and concern about your target audience. Whatever message you are wanting to share with consumers/clients is very vital to keeping the consistency throughout your brand identity. For example, if your logo is just a texted based logo(word mark) then make sure you choose or have designed a text logo that fits within your brand style. Remember the typography that is used throughout your brand is part of the visual communication for the consumer/client. “Your brand. Your identity. Your uniqueness.”