Brand Identity: Elements of Branding(Brand Style)-Part Five

BLOG-BANNERS-5Brand Identity: Elements of Branding(Brand Style)

The pieces of our brand fingerprint are slowly coming together. Today we’re looking at another very important brand element. This element is like that/those outfit(s) you have in the closet that you know looks really good on you. When you just look at it or put it together with other pieces, you stand back and say, “Boom! There it is.” Well, this is what brand style is. Brand Style is basically creating the look, the feel, the atmosphere of your business or company.This is the cohesive piece that keeps everything together. Brand style entails the logo, maybe team uniforms, the building or office space, signage, to brochures, and the list goes on and on. In some ways your business or company style reflects the mission/vision statement. Everything about what product or service being provided is achieved by putting this element into play. The brand style can be represented through something called a Brand Style Guide. The style guide is created to give those who work or does work for the business or company a guideline to the dos and donts of using any element of your brand. Sometimes these guides are very detailed or sometimes very simple. It just depends on what the business is. Sometimes it takes a little time to fine tune what you want the consumer/client to see visually from your business or company. Just take those pieces that you already have in your brand closet and now add a little style to it. I believe you will be on the road to having a successful brand identity. “Your brand. Your identity. Your uniqueness.”