Brand Identity: Elements of Branding(Brand Logo)-Part Seven

BLOG-BANNERS-7Brand Identity: Elements of Branding( Brand Logo) 

So far we have knocked out part of the five brand elements that make up your business or company brand. Or should I say our “Brand Fingerprint”.  This will be the final piece in the journey behind your brand identity. Today we will look at one other brand element. This element has been confused as being the brand of a business or company. But I am here to tell you it is not. It is part of a number of pieces that make up your brand. The brand element I am talking about is the “brand logo”. The brand logo is either a  symbol, text, character, or a combination of two of the three. There are many well designed logos created for well known brands. If you take some time and do some research on well known brands like McDonalds, FedEx, or something of your choice, you can find out why certain logos do better than other. Logo design is not an overnight thing to create. It usually takes some time to get to the final logo choice. With the choice of brand name,brand colors, brand typography, your logo can become that one element that consumers will see but conveys the business or company’s overall mission. The logo for your brand should be memorable, effective, and withstanding. The logo will also be an element of the ongoing visual forms of communication displayed through print materials, the web, promotional items, and so many other options. Think of your logo as the accessory piece that adds that bit of pop to one of the outfits in your brand closet. It’s either the tie and shirt combination or the necklace and earrings that pulls everything together. Your logo does this for your business or company. “Your brand. Your identity. Your uniqueness.”

The Wrap-Up 

So we have come to the close of the Branding Series. In creating a successful brand identity there are five brand elements to make this possible. Those elements include brand name, brand style, brand colors, brand typography, and brand logo. Your brand logo is not your business or company brand but part of a group of different pieces that make up your entire brand. Each element has an intricate part individually and combined to enhance print materials, things for the web, and to so many other things to convey the message of your business or company. With everything nicely packaged your brand identity can help in reaching the ultimate goal-SUCCESS.

To those who took the time to read each of the topics in this series I want to say thank you for reading each article. I hope this series has helped each of you fine tune things within your business or company. Until we read again, thanks for stopping by.