Brand Identity: Elements of Branding(Brand Name)-Part Two

BLOG-BANNERS-2Brand Identity: Elements of Branding(Brand Name)

Continuing with Brand Identity series, today I look at five elements that will help with achieving your business or company brand. These five elements make up part of what helps to draw in the consumer. They are the building blocks to your brand success. Remember in the previous post that I mentioned Branding is like a fingerprint, which is a unique representation of who an individual is or in our case, who a business is? What we’ll look at are the five brand elements that comprise the first section of the brand fingerprint. What are these five elements? They are brand name, brand colors, brand logo, brand style, and brand typography. Since we’re talking about your “brand” I thought it best to include the word along side the element. Today It will be about “Brand Name”. Again I will do my very best to keep this simple.

Take a moment think about the story behind how you got your name when you were born. Close your eyes and reflect back. I’ll give you about 5 minutes. As you reflect on this you will find out that either their story brings laughter or it was in tribute to someone dear to the family. Whatever the case, your name was the first piece to the fingerprint that has become who you are today. In this same sense this is why having a well thought out business or company name is so important. The brand name reflects the inner workings of who the business is, what the business provides(product or service), and the vision and mission of the business. There are times when an individual doesn’t like their name and they go through the process of changing their name. Same thing goes for a business or company. From the beginning the name seemed to work for a bit but somewhere along the way things within the business changed a bit and the name doesn’t quite work. So with some fine tuning a name that not only works is created but a name that can stand the test of time. Your brand name is a very important part of making your business or company name memorable, lasting, and engaging. Your brand name will be the first thing that the consumer with speak out of their mouths. “Your brand. Your identity. Your uniqueness.”