A Look Back


Sometime ago,I had an interesting conversation with my dad based on a thought about how others in our past used to print different things. The thought that came to my mind was about how graphic design got started and howthe printing process got started. From there I began to ask my dad about the times he worked in the printingarea at Fort Bragg or other places he was stationed. What was interesting to hear was that for him everything was done by hand and things were printed all in black and white.Picture it! Sitting at a table piecing all the elements together for a flyer or a map to make available for those who need a printed item. I tell you it is a tedious task.My dad also took it even further back by telling me that one of his elementary school teacher that came up with an idea of using jello for printing their worksheets, test papers, and more. He told me that the jello had to be solid enough to make about 25 imprints. They had to work quickly because the jello would began to melt back into a liquid.I will seeifI can find some more information about this process. Our creative minds come up with the coolest things.Who would of thought that jello could be useful for printing.

Before there were computers,everything before this time was created and designed by hand. There were some very talented graphic artists, copy men and women,and so many others that gave us some very memorable brand identities.What I want you to take from this is that there was always a beginning to what we have available now. This is true about graphic design. Throughout the years things have progressed and have become better. But every once in awhile, going back to the basics helps us toreach futuregoals. Remember not everything from the past will work now but some of them will not.This where thinking out the box comes into play.I have to repeat myself by empowering you to remember, “Your brand. Youridentity. Your uniqueness.”