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Integrity: The Ingredient That Is Needed

We have all been in situations in life or in business where doing the right thing usually paid off. But there may have been times where doing the right thing came with some unnecessary consequences. You even found yourself questioning what you did when the situation happened. This simple thing […]

Character: The Root of It All

Have you ever noticed throughout your daily routine the way you say and do things? After everything was done and said, did you ever wonder where what just happened came from? There really is a simple explanation for this. Simply put, there was a character trait transfer. This character trait […]

Foundation stones

Foundation Stones

Whether it is in life or in business, there have always been foundations set for us and taught to us. These foundations are the building blocks that help each of us to reach our greatest potentials. It can be said that there are two sides to every journey-positive and negative. […]


Three important things to remember about yourself when dealing with others, whether it in business or life. Make sure your CHARACTER, INTEGRITY, AND ATTITUDE are in check. Why? These are the three ingredients of life that will help determine how far you go. Every now and then you may need […]


For Just A Moment

Good day great people! Well, after a few weeks or so my website had been down due to a technical issue. Even when this happened I wasn’t able to post anything. But just to let you all know, I will posting some things I have worked on. These last few […]